We invite you to join the virtual classes 

If you are into making experiments and thinking about nature of things - join us. You will meet new friends and get the answers from professional physicists and qualified teachers. 

Who We Are: a group of physisists (researchers and university teachers) in Akademgorodok - the Siberian Science Center in Novosibirsk, Russia. 

What Do We Want to Do: regular on-line discussions for high school students, dedicated to specific questions and problems in physics. 

Our Pedagogical Credo: teach physics through non-standard problems, for example: 

  • How one should run over the puddles and not to splash oneself?
  • How hard one should pump the tires of a bicycle?
  • What does carrying capacity of a kite depend on?
  • Why does milk run away?
  • How does the frost ornaments appear on the windows?
  • Explain what happens with a volleyball after a gliding serve
  • What does the speed of sand clock depend on?
What Do We Expect: emergence of a virtual intellectual environment for the high school students, interested in physics. 

What Makes Us Believe in Success: 

  • years of physics teaching experience,
  • attitude of our current and former students,
  • numerous victories in school olympiades of all levels, up to international.
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If You Are Interested: visit our Russian site 

Unfortunately the most of our materials are available only in Russian